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  ATC Associates Inc.: A national leader recognized consulting firm dedicated to providing a full range of geotechnical and environmental services
  Shannon & Wilson
  Fugro is an independent group with over 200 offices in more than 45 countries.
  Parsons a full service global engineering
  URS a full service global engineering
  Harza Engineering is a global leader in consulting engineering, environmental services and sustainable developments
  NTH Consultants, Ltd. specializes in  geotechnical for structural foundations, earth structures, and subsurface construction and other engineering services
  Hayward Baker Inc. ranked by ENR as the #1 specialty foundation contractor in North America
  Hanson Engineers is a national consulting firm providing a full range of engineering
  SEECO Consultants. Inc. is a full service consulting firm providing Geotechnical Investigations and Quality Control Service
  Haley & Aldrich provides specialized services focused on underground engineering, remediation, and environmental management
  Site investigation, soil mechanics and environmental Geomechanics consulting
  Soil mechanics, foundation engineering, environmental geotechnology and geohydrology consulting
  Subsurface strata investigation
  Dar Al Handasah Nazih Taleb & Partners is a Lebanese Consulting Engineering firm operates in many Arab Countries such as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, etc.
  IGM (the Institute for Geotechncis and Materials) is a specialty geotechnical and materials company offering design-build services in Lebanon, Syria and the region.
  KREDO is a Lebanese consulting firm, operating in the Middle East, offering engineering and management services
  Soils, foundations, piles and piers, retaining walls, underpinning, slope stability and liquefaction consulting
  Rock mechanics consulting
  Environmental consulting
  Geotechnical, mining, nuclear and environmental consulting
  Converse Consultants provides Geotechnical, geologic, hydrogeology, environmental, seismic and subsurface consulting
  Subsurface investigations, construction inspection, and soil/rock testing
  Deep foundations, foundation damage analysis, soft ground engineering, settlement and consolidation, and groundwater consulting
  Site investigation, numerical analysis, reviews/audits and applied research
  Foundation engineering, soil mechanics and soil dynamics consulting
  Foundation and consolidation consulting
  Geophysics, remote sensing and environmental monitoring
  foundation and pile design, geosynthetic expertise
  Leighton and Associates
  Tunneling - NATM - Rock Support
  Subsurface Exploration and Environmental Consulting
  Soil Testing Engineers, Inc. Geotechnical, Environmental & Materials Consultants
  EDP Consultants is Consulting engineers, geotechnical, environmental, wetlands, drilling, complete laboratory
  Geosynted Consultants
  The Ninyo & Moore professional team provides high-quality
geotechnical and environmental sciences consulting services
  H.C. Nutting Company provides quality services in geotechnical, environmental and testing engineering
  Jaworski Geotech, Inc. offering services in the fields of Geotechnical, Environmental and Hydrogeologic Engineering, Construction Inspection Services and Material Testing
  RETTEW provides a wide range of engineering and related consulting services
  Engineering Consulting Services, Ltd. (ECS) is a diverse consulting firm specializing in the related fields of geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering.
  Patriot is a diverse engineering firm providing geotechnical, construction materials testing and environmental services
  Ove Arup and Partners - International Consulting Engineers
  CBC Engineers & Associates are Professional Geotechnical Engineering Services
  Geotechnical Services, Inc. (GSI) provides site evaluation, field exploration, laboratory testing, engineering analysis and design, in-situ instrumentation and in-house professional drilling
  QORE Property Sciences offers comprehensive Geotechnical, Construction Materials Testing, and Environmental services
  Earthtech Consultants (Queensland) are geotechnical and environmental consultants and laboratories
  Kleinfelder an Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management, and Materials Testing
  EDP Consultants are consulting engineers, geotechnical, environmental, wetlands, drilling, complete laboratory, construction monitoring, technical discussions
  STS Consultants, Ltd., is a consulting engineering firm offering environmental and geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and solid waste management
  Gannett Fleming, Inc.,
  Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc., provides a full range of geotechnical services
  Geotech Engineering and Testing
  GVL Catalog of Geotechnical Consulting Companies
  Fuller Mossbarger Scott and May Engineers Inc. (FMSM).  A national leader in geotechnical engineering, water resources, environmental engineering, stream restoration, GIS and planning services.
  Langan Engineering
  Lourie Consultants
  ADM Consulting: Providing rock mechanics, geological and mine design services to the potash and salt mining industries.
  Harding ESE, a Mactec Company
  Earth Science Engineering, LLC
  Southern California Soil & Testing, Inc. (SCS&T): Provides geotechnical, geologic, materials engineering, quality assurance, and environmental consulting services.
  Lejman Geotechnical Group provides a wide range of services for both new development and for existing sites affected by geotechnical problems.
  GeoSystems Consultants, Inc. provides geotechnical engineering, seismic engineering, laboratory testing and construction quality control.
  Geotechnical Engineering, Inc.: Consultants in Geologic and Soil Engineering
  Ground Stabilisation Services offers specialist advice to the construction industry for soil stabilisation works.
  GeoSystems Engineering, Inc., is a full-service geotechnical, construction materials, and environmental engineering firm.
  Geotechnical Professionals, Inc. (GPI) is a southern California geotechnical engineering consultant specializing in commercial and public works projects.
  AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc. is a leading full-service earth and environmental consulting firm.
  Testing Engineers - San Diego, Inc.: Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Services, Construction Materials Testing & Inspection.
  Zeiser Kling Consultants, Inc. (ZKCI) provides high-quality consulting and materials testing services for a wide range of geologic and geotechnical engineering projects.
  GeoDelft Environmental is an international risk management consultancy, specializing in the provision of environmental risk management services across a wide range of industrial sectors.
  Professional services to the minerals industry, conducting successful exploration for precious metals, base metals, rare metals and industrial minerals in Africa and Europe
  Bowser-Morner is a firm specializing in geotechnical studies, subsurface exploration, materials testing and scientific consulting.
  NGA provides consulting in the geotechnical engineering and engineering geology.
  DMJM+HARRIS provids design services and inspection services for bridges, highways, railroad, marine structures, landfills, power plants and airports. Including design of pile foundations, shallow foundations, drilled shafts, retaining structures, cofferdams, excavations, tunnels, slope stability, surcharge/settlements analysis, soil improvement, landfill covers, liquefaction analysis and seismic retrofits.
  Summit Geotechnical Consultants, Inc. is focused on offering the highest level of service while providing practical and cost effective solutions on the geotechnical and foundation aspects of our client's projects.
  Subsurface Geotechnical are a geophysical consulting firm providing geophysical services for civil engineering, environmental remediation and non-destructive testing.
  Schnabel Engineering for Geotech, Dams, Geosciences. They have 14 offices along the East Coast and work both nationally and internationally.
  Hollingsworth Associates provides geotechnical, environmental and materials testing throughout Colorado and Wyoming.
  RGH provides focused, full service geotechnical services for the diverse geology affecting Northern California projects.

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